The FUSO Catalogue

Expertise rooted in experience

FUSO has accumulated nearly 80 years’ experience in the commercial vehicles market. Our experience has led to us being able to offer the best vehicle for all buses and trucks segments – light, heavy or heavy duty.

Canter FE85 BUS

Delivering outstanding safety, economy and durability, The FE embodies a strong chassis design and a high ground clearance. The increased ride height provides the benefit of great forward and peripheral vision. This bus truly excels in hilly terrain as it maneuvers with ease.

• High Aneroid Compensation assisting in high altitude fuel combustion

• Direct Injection Fuel Engine

• Max Power and Torque

• High pulling capacity

• Heavy Duty Suspension and Chassis


Mitsubishi 46-SEATER BUS FH215

The King of the Road accommodates 42 - 46 passengers with ease, drives up inclines with ease. The direct injection diesel engine adopting an inertia charging system delivers efficiency, greater power output and improved torque. Perfect for both short and long distance hauls, the FH raises the standards of any 46 seater buses.

• High Resale Value

• Over 13,000 vehicles on the road

• Two year warranty or 100,000 Km whichever comes first

• Strong Chassis /Frame

• The FH215 chassis is 7 mm as opposed to the competitor’s 6 mm thick

FI 1217 Rigid Bus

• 170 BHP – intercooled turbo charged engine

• Fuel efficient common rail diesel engine

• Full Air Brake – less down time

• Aerodynamic cab

• Designed to reduces wind resistance resulting in lowering fuel consumption

• Long service interval - low maintenance cost

  FI1217R Competition
Engine oil: 15,000 Km/9 litres 5,000 Km/14 liters
Transmission Oil 45,000 Km/12 mth 20,000 Km
Differential Oil 45,000 Km 20,000 Km

• Fully adjustable driver seat with tilt and telescopic steering wheel – less driver fatigue

• 6 Speed Transmission

• Euro III Emission – more environmentally friendly


BM 117 (62 Seater)

Meticulously developed, thoroughly tested, and designed for today’s discerning transport clients to provide comfort, lifetime value and durability.

• Front mounted, 7545cc turbo charged engine

• Max Power and Torque

• High pulling capacity

• Heavy Duty Suspension and Chassis