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Genuine Parts Replacements

After sales services for all FUSO models sold in Kenya is available countrywide.

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Genuine replacement parts

In line with giving our customers the most innovative services, we will soon incorporate mobile workshops that deliver parts to customers wherever they may be as opposed to having them going to look for the parts.


How it works


Our genuine parts are manufactured to the quality standards you have come to expect. Genuine parts have benefits that are specifically created to protect against unnecessary costs.

12 month warranty on FUSO genuine parts fitted at our dealers, thus protecting your business against any unnecessary cost. Parts are subject to availability at the time of placing your order. You are assured of authentic parts of the highest precision guaranteed by FUSO.

Fits Right, First Time – Choosing genuine parts means that you ensure the perfect fit first time, with no hassles or delays

You can also service with us with confidence, because the engineers of your vehicle trained our qualified service technicians.